Welcome to Zanzibar

Coastal Tourism and Beaches

Zanzibar is home to large amounts of beaches and clear Indian Ocean water, as well as coral and limestone scarps which allow for significant amounts of diving and snorkeling. The diving and snorkeling are done in marine parks. The aquatic life seen includes; dolphins, moray eels, lion fish, octopus and lobster Tourists may also go dhow cruising around the small islands. Tourists can view the sunset and have refreshments on board.

Jozani forest & Kidike Root Site

The Jozani forest is located in the central east region of Zanzibar consisting of a large mangrove swamp. The forest is home to the rare red colobus monkey. The forest is also home to 40 species of bird and 50 species of butterfly. The Kidike root site is a great place to view the endangered Pemba flying fox.

Stone Town

Zanzibar’s capital is the historical Stone Town, home to much of Zanzibar’s tourism industry. It is also a World Heritage Site. The town is home to numerous historical and cultural sites, including Makusurani graveyard, House of Wonders, Hamamni and Kidichi Persian Baths Dunga Ruin and the Peace Memorial Museum, which serves a national historical museum detailing the island’s long history.